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Secure Medicine Return Policies and Programs

WA Secure Drug Take-Back Act & Other Pharmaceutical Stewardship Policies

Clean Air Zone

No Vaping in Public Places Policies & Vapor Product Regulations

Policy Development

Helping achieve successful outcomes on policy change initiatives through detailed analysis, thoughtful solutions, and effective supporting resources. 

Research & Analysis

Exploring environmental health problems and defining sustainable solutions through insightful analysis of science, policy and practice.

Community Engagement

Crafting outreach strategies for educating communities and building coalitions to support actions that protect people and our environment.


Designing and implementing informed and strategic actions that build support for smart policies and legislation.


Shining A Light on Antibiotic Overuse in Meat Production

Shining A Light on Antibiotic Overuse in Meat Production

We depend on antibiotics being there when we need them. Antibiotics help us fight off infections that range from simple to life-threatening. Yet harmful bacteria are also endlessly trying to fight off the drugs through gene mutations that render available antibiotics...

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The Sticky Problem of Safe Sharps Disposal

The Sticky Problem of Safe Sharps Disposal

A worker sorting materials at a recycling facility feels a needle pierce their protective glove. Once again used syringes were tossed into a recycling bin by a confused or unaware resident. The recycling line is shut down while the worker is assisted and co-workers...

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